Everything you ever wanted to know about this site and it's creator but were afraid to ask.

About zenlibra

zenlibra is a brand wannabe with dreams of world domination, but for the moment is one thing and one thing only: the personal site of Keith Daniel Fox. As such it has no affiliation with his employers past and present, nor any affiliation with people he has known since birth. Any opinions expressed or any images presented here are his own personal work, derivative though they may be.

About Keith

Keith was born in the American midwest to a Canadian mother and an American father in the late sixties. It is said he couldn't decide if he wanted to be born on that day as his mother went to the hospital twice before he decided to join the living. Chalk it up to Libran indecisiveness. After a brief stint living in San Diego CA the family moved back to the great midwest, until finally he and his mother moved to Toronto where he lives to this day. He is now a proud Canadian citizen.

an image of the author

As an adult, Keith is taller than his mother, yet shorter than his father. He has held down the same job for twenty years now and considers it a mixed blessing. When asked what he does, he will invariably ask in return "for love or money?". He dabbles in Macintosh geekery, Art (with a capital A), music and design, though none of this was done for money. He once boasted about setting up an Apache web server and a MySQL database on his home computer. Once upon a time he painted in oils but now favours digital photography and the Undo command found in most software. His favourite Artists are Picasso, Matisse and Paul Klee. By far the heaviest thing in his apartment would be his collection of Art books. His favourite season is Autumn, he loves shopping at IKEA, is proficient with chopsticks and sometimes writes songs, though he couldn't carry a tune in a paper bag. He refers to himself as a culture vulture. The most ironic thing about Keith is that he speaks four languages (with vaying degrees of fluency) yet has nothing much to say. Ever. Probably the most interesting thing he has done was moving to Taiwan for eighteen months. That he did for love.

About the Code

zenlibra.com was hand rolled by Keith using XHTML and styled using CSS.

About the Making of zenlibra.com


Being a Mac geek, it should come as no surprise that a Mac was used in the production of this site and associated photos and graphics. His current workhorse is a Dual 1.8 Ghz PowerMac G5 with 2.25 Gb of RAM running Mac OSX Tiger, with a 20" Cinema Display.


The site was mocked up and laid out in Adobe Illustrator CS2 with images prepared for the web using Adobe Photoshop CS2. The XHTML was coded by hand using the excellent and free TextWrangler from Bare Bones Software, as well as with skEdit. The CSS was coded using the shareware application CSSEdit 2, available from MacRabbit.


All photos were made with either a Canon Digital Rebel DSLR or a Canon Powershot S30 point and shoot using the RAW setting. The photos were converted to the Adobe DNG format and processed with the Adobe Camera RAW plug-in and managed with Adobe Lightroom Beta 4.